Alpenforce Shower Head

Alpenforce Shower Head

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Tired of dealing with low water pressure? You're not alone. 

Millions of shower lovers across the USA are now enjoying a high-pressurized shower. Now you can too!

  • Add power to your water; Enjoy a relaxing high pressured shower. Use Alpenforces nozzle technology to boost your water's pressure. 

  • Filter impurities; Watch your skin and hair naturally rejuvenate themselves. Use the healing power of the natural minerals inside the Alpenforce and neutralize the harmful chemicals in your water.

  • Use less water; Lower your water bill and save money. Thanks to its special nozzle technology, the Alpenforce shower head will allow you to have more pressure while using less water.

"Dry skin, hair falling out more frequently, and excessive soap scum in the tub! The water smells like rotten eggs! Washing off my shampoo takes an eternity. What the heck is wrong with my plumbing?"

AlpenForce comes to the rescue!

Equipped with 140 small perforations, AlpenForce will definitely improve your shower pressure (as the static water pressure drops in the narrow part of the device, the flow rate increases proportionally).

Thanks to the collection of mineral stones included (tourmaline, germanium, and clay) thousands of water toxins are filtered naturally.


  What Makes Alpenforce Shower Head So Special?  


The micro-holes cut with a precision laser increases the pressure and the water shoots through the metal plate at high speed. It is also slightly atomized. That gives the feeling of a tropical rain shower. Simply fantastic.


There are two chambers in the handle which are filled with clay and tourmaline mineral pearls. These mineral stones, tested in the laboratory, have an antibacterial, mineralizing, and ph-neutral effect. Furthermore, a substantial part of the lime from your water remains attached to it. The water becomes noticeably softer and feels gentle on your skin. You will notice it immediately on your tiles and shower walls! After 6-8 months, the lime will also make the pearls slightly gray, and you should change the pearls.


  • JET: A powerful jet that simply flushes away all the stresses of the day. Shampoo residues in the hair have no chance. Still gentle on the skin. 
  • RAINFALL: With sufficient water pressure, this setting is equivalent to a tropical drizzle. Super gentle and pleasant on the skin. 
  • MASSAGE: A combination of both types of jet. Ideal for the daily shower, your skin, and your pores.


Due to the extremely small micro-holes in the metal plate, less water gets through per second. Nevertheless, the beam is strong enough to cope with all requirements. Tests have shown that water consumption is up to 40% less with the same shower behavior.